Ayers Paver Installation Service 

 Some of the types of pavers that we install

  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Parking areas
  • Patios
  • Firepits
  • Overlays to existing pavement


What are pavers?

Interlocking concrete pavers are flexible pavements.  They can be walkways, driveways, patios or a combination of all three.  The load (person, furniture or vehicles) on the pavers is distributed through the base by point to point contact and causes the base to move and flex each time the load moves.  If the base is installed correctly the pavers return to the orginal position.  This is why it is crucial to hire a paver installation contractor that knows what they are doing and follows all the guidelines set by the interlocking concrete pavement institute (http://www.icpi.org/) for pavers installation. Studies have proven pavers installation to be cheaper and more dependable than asphalt and concrete in the long run.


Image of paver walkway with landscape lighting and outdoor fountain in oak ridge, nc

 Fun area to entertain with outdoor seating, fountain, pavers and outdoor fireplace.

Image of paver installation contractor in Winston-Salem, NC

 Excellent space to relax by the pool and grill on outdoor grill island.

Image of pool paver patio with natural stone and fireplace in High Point, NC

 Why hire Ayers Landscaping?

Because we have been tested by the interlocking concrete pavement institute. We are a quality paver installation contractor across the entire triad, including High Point, NC. This means that we follow the guidelines set up by this nationally recognized organization when we install every paver. Don't let a contractor onto your property that "thinks" they know what they are doing. Lets look at some of the common types of paver problems that we have had to fix because the contractor did not do the job properly.

  • Rotational interlocking paver failure - the pavers twist or become so they are not flush with one another. This is when lateral forces are to great for the sand holding pavers together or the edge restraints give way.
  • Vertical interlocking paver failure - the pavers in an area become lower than another area. This is usually a result of not enough base material or improper base compaction.
  • Horizontal interlocking paver failure - the pavers separate from one another and gaps form between them. This is usually a result of an weak or poorly installed edge.

Don't spend money on the wrong paver installation contractor and have problems with patios, walkways or driveways. Hire Ayers Landscaping for a professional and knowledgeable paver installation contractor in the triad and the High Point, NC area. 



Image of driveway paver installation in Greensboro, NC

 Above is Belgard 3 piece paver with blended colors with a circle kit.  Strong enough application to handle large vehicles.