Ayers Retaining Wall Service 

Image of stone retaining walls in Winston Salem, NC

What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are enhancements to landscapes that provide both beauty and function.  Retaining walls can be straight or curved and change in height and elevation.  Retaining walls can range in height from less than 1 foot to over 50 feet.  Many different styles of retaining walls are available.  They vary in the size of the individual units, color of the units and texture of the units.  It is very important to have a professional install retaining walls to insure  adequate stability of the base,  proper backfill, correct drainage behind and in front of the wall and overall structural durability.  It also helps with the visual appeal of the overall project.  Make sure your contractor follows the same practices that we do that have been set up and proven reliable by the National Concrete Masonry Association (www.ncma.org/).  This will insure that your retaining wall is safe, secure and lasts!


Image of stone retaining wall in Winston Salem, NC

Some of the retaining walls we install:

  • create new beds and gardens
  • create borders for steps
  • go along driveways
  • help hold up slopes
  • help changes in elevation
  • help create larger lawns
  • help control erosion and drainage
  • create raised patios
  • create fences or property lines


NCMA certified installer image
Image of stone retaining wall in Winston-Salem, NC